Thursday, March 24, 2011

"She walks in beauty" Lord Byron

In this poem Lord Byron is describing a beautiful woman, not only is she physically beautiful, her mind is rich, yet pure and innocent at the same time. “All that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes”. This is an interesting piece for me because in most poems I’ve read or texts I’ve seen the writer usually compares the woman to the sun and beautiful flowers, not to the night. Byron shows the beauty of night and shows how this woman is special because not only is she beautiful like the day she can be “cloudless” and “starry” just as the night. I take this as a comparison of her innocent side and her curious adventurous side, her ability to be both dark and light or night and day makes her far more appealing, she is a multi dimensional woman. He is taken aback by her beauty he describes how a single shadow or a single ray of sun taken away from her is not ok because the way the light hits her is just right, her thoughts are written on her face and her “pure” and “dear” “dwelling place” aka heart is most likely sitting right on her sleeve. She not only seems to be beautiful but she is, inside and out. It is clear that he is an admirer but I wonder if he had a real relationship with her or for that matter if he even would, or is she just an object of his affection and admiration.

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